Top 25 Female Comic Book Artists #10-7

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10. Pia Guerra

Pia Guerra's big break came in 2002 when she launched Y the Last Man with Brian K. Vaughan and Jose Marzan. Right from the get go, her striking page layouts and easy-to-relate-to character figures were a perfect mix for Vaughan's story. Just check out the moment when all males on Earth die in #1...


She also was exemplary in what is likely the most famous Y the Last Man story arc, the one where Yorick (the last man from the title) is tortured in an attempt to get to the bottom of what is pretty clearly a death wish on his part (due to survivor's guilt). Guerra is brilliant in this moment where Yorick remembers his first time having sex...

Oh man, those pages still stick to my brain over a decade later.

Guerra was the main artist on Y the Last Man for its entire run and she and Marzan won an Eisner Award for Best Penciler/Inker Team.

9. Amy Reeder

Amy Reeder broke into comics after being part of Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga. This lead to her series, Fool's Gold...

She then became the regular artist for Matt Wagner's Madame Xanadu series at Vertigo. Her heavily stylized and dynamic artwork soon made her a fan favorite...

After a stint on Batwoman, she began to work on her own title, Rocket Girl, at Image (with Brandon Montclare). The kinetic energy of her work is astonishing...

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