Top 25 Black Comic Book Writers #25-16

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25. Felicia Henderson

Longtime television writer and producer, Felicia Henderson, made a name for herself working on a number of hit shows (writing for Family Matters and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and writing and producing Moesha, Sister, Sister, Gossip Girl and Fringe) and producing and developing for television the show Soul Food (the longest running primetime drama starring predominantly black actors). She has also written a number of comic books, including a run on Teen Titans for DC. She worked a lot with Static on a few projects (including Teen Titans) and she wrote an excellent one-shot starring Static in 2011 (drawn by Denys Cowan). In it, Static is reunited with his uncle who has just been released from prison but becomes a target of a villain. Static saves him from the villains, but life sometimes has a tragic sense of drama...

Henderson's work excels at character-based drama, as the above pages demonstrate. It served her well for years as a TV writer and it serves her well as a comic book writer.

24. Doselle Young

Doselle Young started working at DC Comics in the late 1990s on a number of projects, including his own spin-off of the Authority, the Monarchy (drawn by John McCrea and Garry Leach), where married couple Jackson King and Christine Trelane, longtime members of Stormwatch and then-current liaisons to Authority for the United Nations, get enlisted in a sort of inter-dimensional quest to save the universe, which sometimes involves them doing things viewed as illegal...

Young contributed to a number of Vertigo anthologies, including one particularly excellent one for the gangster-themed anthology, Gangland, which was drawn by the great Frank Quitely.

Young's work is inventive and bold, delving into strange ideas and making them make sense.

In recent years, Young has been working more in prose and story consulting than comics, but he is still involved in comics.

23. Jimmie Robinson

If you measured the enthusiasm comic book creators have for the world of comics in terms of grains of sand, Jimmie Robinson would be the freakin' Sahara. He once wrote a great guest post for this very blog about how the way to help comics the most was to embrace the variety of comics and go look for those types of comics instead of complaining that you don't see them (and yes, try to get other people into comics, as well). Variety has been the spice of Robinson's comic book life himself, as his work has been all over the map, as he noted:

I self-published CYBERZONE when I didn’t see enough black female leads. I started at Image with AMANDA & GUNN because I didn’t see enough sci-fi. I switched to CODE BLUE when I didn’t see anything to match TV’s ER hospital drama. I changed to all-ages with EVIL & MALICE when not enough kid books were around. I sought out AVIGON back before manga was burning the sales charts.

His most popular series in recent years has been the superhero parody series, Bomb Queen, about an over-the-top "villain" named Bomb Queen, who goes on lewd adventures within the sphere of superherodom.

He also wrote and drew the excellent Five Weapons series, about a young man sent to assassin school. Recently, he wrote and drew the excellent The Empty for Image Comics, about a post-apocalyptic world where people have adapted to their living environments...

Jimmie Robinson has been at this game for decades and he continues to innovate and expand the comic book horizons.

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