Top 25 Black Comic Book Writers #10-1

Here are the top ten writers that you voted as your favorites of all-time.

10. Marc Bernardin

Marc Bernardin has been working as a writer and an editor for comics, television and the magazine industry for decades now (he was an editor for Entertainment Weekly and Playboy and is currently editing for Hollywood Reporter, to name three). Working with his writing partner, Adam Freeman, Bernardin has written a number of comics over the years, including the mini-series Highwaymen for Wildstorm (they also wrote a number of issues of Authority).

Recently, they gained a ton of accolades for their Top Cow one-shot, Genius, which was the winner of a vote to decide which book would get its own mini-series. The series stars a brilliant young woman, Destiny Ajaye, who starts a war on the Los Angeles police department (art by Afua Richardson)...

Destiny Ajaye is one of the best new black characters introduced in the past decade.

9. Robert Washington III

Robert Washington III was the co-creator of Static and co-wrote the initial arc with Dwayne McDuffie before writing the book by himself for the next fifteen issues or so. Washington III made the book a compelling mixture of humor and topical discussions, stuff that you wouldn't normally see in superhero comics, like this bit where Virgil (Static) Hawkins goes to work for a radio personality who has Anti-Semitic views, causing problems with Virgil and his Jewish friend, Frieda Goren, leading to the two getting a talking-to from their parents...

After leaving Static, Washington worked for a few other titles, like a short run on Extreme Justice and Ninjak for Valiant. Sadly, he passed away at the age of 47.

8. David Walker

David Walker came to comics (not counting his early work translating Tokyo Tribes for TokyoPop over a decade ago) from a long career working in and around film as a top film journalist, especially in the world of Blaxploitation (where he is likely the most notable expert on the genre) .

Walker made great waves with his excellent Shaft series for Dynamite (Walker wrote the fist new Shaft novel in 40 years in 2015), showing Shaft's origins...

and after the fight...

Goddamn, that's just excellent writing. Walker is currently writing Cyborg for DC and Power Man and Iron Fist for Marvel. He's quickly becoming as well-regarded as a comic book writer as he was as a film expert.

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