Top 125 Comic Book Writers: #125-121

Here are the first five writers on the countdown, based on your votes for your favorite comic book artists of all-time!

I'll give you two sample pages for each writer (sample pages is rough for writers).

125 Zeb Wells – 51 points

From a Tangled Web issue about the kid of the villain, Frog-Man.

124 Pat Mills - 54 points

From a Marshall Law one-shot where Law kills superheroes in Manhattan...

123 Tony Bedard - 55 points

From an issue of Negation, where one of the group gives up his life to save his friends (he has visions of his dead family)...

122 Bryan Q. Miller – 57 points (1 first place vote)

From the first issue of the current Batgirl series...

121 Allan Heinberg – 59 points (1 first place vote)

From the recent Avengers: Children's Crusade series...

Check back tomorrow for the Top Comic Book Artists from #120-116!

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