Top 125 Comic Book Artists: #125-121

Here are the first five artists on the countdown, based on your votes for your favorite comic book artists of all-time!

I'll give you a sample page for each artist.

125 Tony Daniel – 84 points (2 first place votes)

124 Sergio Aragones – 85 points (1 first place vote)

123 Jock – 86 points

122 Geoff Darrow – 87 points (3 first place votes)

This is the only scene that needs some setting up. It's from Darrow's brilliant Hard Boiled series (written by Frank Miller). The fellow in the scene is a killer cyborg who is also a mild-mannered head of a nuclear family (or so he thinks). Here, his dreams of the actual past are conflicting with the facade of his happy life. Great storytelling here by Darrow (and one of the few not-so-graphic pages from the first issue)...

121 Terry Moore – 88 points (1 first place vote)

Check back tomorrow for the Top Comic Book Writers from #125-121!

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