Top 100 Marvel Characters #91-95

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92. Black Bolt - 61 points (1 first place vote)

Here's why Ben Dillon chose Black Bolt...

I believe that Black Bolt is an incredibly interesting figure because he's both a tragic character, and an extremely powerful one.

He has the power to destroy mountains, but not the means to control it. He rules an

entire race, but can never speak to them. It's hard to imagine the self-control

someone must have to live that way, knowing what one slip could do. In the end, he

comes across as extremely noble, as someone you strive to be.

93 (tie). Doop - 60 points (2 first place vote)

93 (tie). Rachel Grey/Summers - 60 points (1 first place vote)

93 (tie). Sentry - 60 points (2 first place vote)

96. Elektra (1 point for Skrull Elektra) - 58 points

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