Top 100 Marvel Characters #71-75

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71. Psylocke - 86 points (1 first place vote)

72. Cannonball - 82 points (2 first place votes)

Here is what Scott MacIver picked Cannonball...

Cannonball shouldn't be anything like me. I'm a Canadian city kid from Montreal, grew up downtown and have always loved the metropolitan life. Sam Guthrie is a kid from small town Kentucky who worked in a coal mine. Aside from large families, there wasn't much in our backgrounds that made us alike.

But I related to the character from a young age. I grew up with the New Mutants. He was awkward, physically and socially, and though he tried to do the right thing, sometimes he just couldn't help it when things went wrong. As he learned to control his powers more, I cheered him on as we both felt the excitement in even the smallest victories. It was great.

Sam was also a team leader for the New Mutants, but what set him apart from most of the other leaders in comic books was that he was never a jerk about it, never cold and distant, but personable and human. People can sing the praises of Captain America or Cyclops all they want, but I'd rather follow Sam because he knew he didn't know it all. It was smart, and it was good, and that's the reason he led his team so well for so long.

Even as the 90's came, and flashy art took over, I still followed Cannonball in X-Force. Sure, maybe they weren't the greatest books, but I was a teenager, and to see your favorite character get to pop off the page and kick butt was just what I wanted at the time. The books didn't hold up, but they excited me when I first read them and that's what I remember now, looking back.

Bouncing around for a while, an X-Man, X-Forcer, the X-Corporation, an X-Man again, we saw Cannonball change a little more. His powers were amped up a little (taking on Gladiator!) while his confidence waned. His siblings kept piling up at the mansion and he took on more of a patriarchal role with them, Sam kept evolving.

Which really is the sum total of why he is still my favorite; some characters get more complex, are changed by the plots they live through. They have radical shifts in their personalities as the twists and turns of being a super hero drive them forward in the narrative. To me, it seems that Sam Guthrie has grown up, naturally and along side of me, and has kept him being my favorite as I grew up too.

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73 (tie). Longshot - 80 points (3 first place votes)

73 (tie). Professor X (Charles Xavier) - 80 points (2 first place votes)

75. Magik (Illyana Rasputin) - 77 points (2 first place votes)

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