Top 100 Marvel Characters #51-55

Don't expect this on any regular schedule! I still need to do the Judging Books By Their Covers!

51. Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) - 126 points (1 first place votes)

52 (tie). The Angel (Warren Worthington III) - 125 points

52 (tie). Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) - 125 points

52 (tie). Moon Knight - 125 points

55. Scarlet Witch - 124 points

Here is why John Cupach voted for the Scarlet Witch...

Wanda is by far my favorite female character. I grew up with the Avengers and she was a prominent part of the team in those days. Her powers were interesting and unique. Her costume is simple but still vibrant. I started with the Avengers oddly enough in Marvel Two-in-One Annual 2. From there I started buying the Avengers from 162. Wanda really stood out in 171 with that great Perez cover. She also showed her potental by taking out Ultron singlehandedly. Over the years she seemed to be a central figure in the Marvel U. She was featured in the last chapter of the Serpent Crown Affair in MTIO. Her background was further expanded on in later Avengers issues and her limited series with Vision (in which she was revealed to be Magneto's daughter). Also I always felt she was sexy without going overboard.

Of course I'm not surprised by her low ranking. Over the past decade Marvel really has ruined her character. I think she's gone mad about three times now? And her powers have been misinterrupted into what we've seen in House of M. I'm hoping that one day some writer will retcon her back to the great character she once was.

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