Top 100 DC Characters #56-60

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56. Superboy (Conner Kent) - 128 points (2 first place votes)

Here is why Michael Smith picked him...

Why did I vote for Superboy as my #1? Honestly it was Superboy(The Kid, Kon-el, Conner Kent.) that brought me back into comics after many years of having been away. What did I like about him? Kon was one of the very few superheros that actually reveled in his identity, he was very young, boastful, brash, and cocky. All these things made him amusing and endearing in my eyes.

I have been very happy to watch him evolve over the years since he has been introduced. From Hawaii, to Cadmus, Young Justice and the Teen Titans I have followed him through it all (though the less said about his time as a super in Suicide Slum the better.).

He kind of grew up along with me, which why it was so sad to see him go in the recent Infinite Crisis. I certainly keep hope out that DC will reverse this current intolerable state of affairs. Despite that setback, or perhaps because of it, nothing will stop me from going back to my comic collection and perusing my favorite Kon stories over and over again.

57. Sandman (Wesley Dodds) - 125 points (3 first place votes)

58. Supergirl (Kara) - 124 points (2 first place votes)

59. Wildcat (Ted Grant) - 118 points (4 first place votes)

60. Brainiac Five (83 (1) original, 21 (1) first reboot, 7 second reboot) - 111 points (2 first place votes)

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