Top 100 Comics for October

I'll give you three guesses which book took the top spot this month? Okay, yeah, I hate playing ridiculous guessing games myself, especially the one where they guess your weight at carnivals which I'm certain is rigged and they always take my money, but that's another story entirely.

Marvel Comics dominates the Top 10 again this month, much like last month, in the October Top 100 sales rankings provided by Diamond Comics Distributors. The story has been pretty much the same each month, Marvel takes 9 of the top 10 spots with DC's "Green Arrow" making the clean sweep impossible. While Green Arrow may have slipped two notches to #9 this month from last month's appearance at #7, note there are two "Origin" books taking the top 2 spots this month which moves everyone down by two. What's the break down look like?

  • Marvel holds 51 of the Top 100 spots
  • DC holds 39 of the Top 100 spots
  • Image takes 10 of the Top 100 spots

The Top 100 comics for October are:

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