Top 100 Comics for January

This month the Diamond Comics Distributors Top 100 list for books shipping in January has a lot of changes and surprises compared to last month.

For the second month in a row DC Comics lands the #1 spot on the list, following "The Dark Knight Strikes Again #1" at the number one spot last month. The "Batman 10 Cent Adventure" takes the top spot in January, but it should be noted this issue sells for only, well, 10 cents and was heavily over-ordered by retailers. Many retailers will be use this issue as an in-store giveaway to in an effort to introduce shoppers to the Batman line.

Another interesting note is the the final issue of the "Origin" mini-series, which finally reveals the true origin of Wolverine, outsold the second issue of "The Dark Knight Strikes Again." Price had to be a factor here as DKSA comes in at a hefty $7.95.

Finally, coming in at #94 is "I Love New York," an independently produced tribute book from "Dawn" creator Joseph Michael Linsner. It's rare to see books in the Top 100 not from Marvel, DC, Image, CrossGen or Dark Horse and especially not from the smaller self-publishers, but fans have shown great interest in all of the September 11th tribute books.

The publisher breakdown of the Top 100 is as follows:

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