Top 100 Comics for December

Frank Miller knows how to pack them in.

For months Marvel Comics has dominated the Top 10 in the Diamond Comics Distributors Top 100 list, but for December, 2001, the make-up of the top 100 looks a bit different than usual thanks for Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Strikes Back."

The first issue of the book that reunites creator Frank Miller with the Dark Knight stole the top sport from Marvel Comics for the first time in months. High fan interest helped rocket the book up to the top spot that was even supported by a full page ad in a recent Entertainment Weekly magazine. DC makes a second appearance in the Top 10 with Kevin Smith's "Green Arrow" which has consistently appeared in or near the Top 10 since its debut. All that being said Marvel still dominates the Top 10 books with 8.

The publisher breakdown of the Top 100 is as follows:

  • Marvel Comics holds 45 of the Top 100 spots
  • DC Comics holds 40 of the Top 100 spots
  • Image Comics holds 8 of the Top 100 spots
  • Dark Horse Comics holds 5 of the Top 100 spots
  • CrossGen holds 2 of the Top 100 spots

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