Top 100 Comic Book Storylines 3

Here is the next storyline on the countdown, as voted on by a reader!! Here is the master list of all storylines featured so far.

3. "The Hollow Man" by Brian K. Vaughan, Lee Ferguson and Norm Rapmund (X-Men Icons: Chamber #1-4) - 10 points (1 first place vote)

In this story, Jonothan Starsmore (at the request of Cyclops)enrolls in a pro-mutant program at Empire State University (the same college Peter Parker went to). His goal was to investigate the deaths of some mutant students after a bombing of the "Students for Tolerance" group.

After investigating, Chamber discovered that the boyfriend of the group's leader actually set the bomb himself, in an attempt to turn his dead friends into a martyr to further the mutant cause!

In the aftermath of this revelation, ESU cancelled the pro-mutant program. However, in an agreement with Xavier's, they kept one mutant student in a sort of exchange program - one human student would attend Xaviers in return (the human chosen was Chamber's roommate).

This was an interesting mini-series by Brian K. Vaughan, who really had a handle on Chamber (who was just then getting a big push, as Joe Casey included him on his Uncanny X-Men team), and the scenario was an intriguing one - sort of an extension of the work Chris Claremont had been doing in the mid-80s.

Lee Ferguson's art was strong, but Jose Villarrubia's colors were exquisite, and really gave the book a unique look.

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