Top 10 Season Two #4

Story by
Art by
Gene Ha, Zander Cannon, Kevin Cannon
Colors by
Alex Sinclair
Letters by
Todd Klein
Cover by

Reading the latest issue of "Top 10 Season Two," I'm struck with the same feeling that I had with the first issue; Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon really are able to bring that same feel to "Top 10" that Alan Moore did, and that's no small feat. There are multiple stories going on at any given moment with all the characters in the police station, and I have to say that I find all of them pretty intriguing.

They've also done a good job of bringing their one major new character, Slipstream Phoenix, into the title with a minimum of fuss. He's got his own story, certainly, but aside from his introduction in the first issue it never feels like he's getting too much attention or focus at the expense of everyone else. So often a new writer on a title will focus on their own creation at the exclusion of existing cast, and it's refreshing to see a real sense of balance going on here.

As for Gene Ha's art, well, if you've ever seen Ha draw a comic then you won't be surprised that it's meticulously detailed and gorgeous. So often artists cram in detail for the sake of detail, to the point that it's actually hard to make out what's going on. That's not the case with Ha and "Top 10 Season Two," where instead we get characters with that extra layer of teenage gawkiness by Ha adding in orthodontic braces, for instance, or having scattered beer cans getting that extra set of disregard by having drops of liquid slowly spilling out of them onto the carpet. I was a little unsure with the first issue, where it felt like the backgrounds were getting replaced with coloring techniques from Alex Sinclair, but that's no longer the case; Ha's backgrounds are back in full force, happily.

There is one strange thing going on here, though, and I'm hoping we'll get some sort of update or clarification before too long. This was solicited as "Top 10 Season Two" #4 (of 4). The problem is, most storylines don't come even close to a conclusion here. So will there be a continuation around the corner, before too long? There is still a "Top 10 Season Two Special" coming up (with art by Da Xiong), but the solicitation makes it sound like a one-off story, not picking up where this issue left off. I'm really hoping this isn't the end of the Cannon and Ha "Top 10" because this has just reminded me more and more why I loved the original so much. It's too good to fall by the wayside. More, please!

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