Flash Facts: Shazam, Cheetah Among 10 Fastest DCU Characters Alive

Who is the fastest speedster in the DC Universe?

The writer behind DC's The Flash comic series, Joshua Williamson, answers that very question in this week's DC Nation #2. The scribe reveals the top 10 fastest characters in the DCU in the free magazine, a list that includes a few surprises.

Ranking at #10 is Kid Flash, who is then followed by the surprising addition of Shazam at #9. According to Williamson, Shazam "can run as fast as lightning bolts" thanks to the power of the god Hermes. Then at #8 ranks new Flash villain God Speed, then Wonder Woman and Cheetah to round out spots 7 and 6, respectively. On the speed of the Cheetah, Williamson states that the character's "unrelenting drive makes her one of the fastest threats in the DCU."

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Then, the top five is where things get really interesting. The Black Racer comes in the fifth spot, while Superman edges him out at #4. After that, the top three is filled out by the exact speedsters you'd expect: Reverse-Flash at #3, Barry Allen in second and, of course, the fastest Flash out there, Wally West.

There you have it. Now, when you and your friends find yourselves debating on which is the fastest character in the DCU, you now have an official chart to settle all disputes.

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The latest chapter of "Flash War," The Flash #50, written by Williamson and illustrated by Howard Porter, hits stores next Wednesday, July 11.

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