Too Much Preview? A look at 'Too Much Hopeless Savages'

This week Oni Press sent CBR News a preview at the upcoming "Too Much Hopeless Savages," the latest series featuring Jen Van Meter's punk rock family of characters. Oni Press Editor-In-Chief Jamie S. Rich (who was deftly interviewed by CBR's own J. Torres in his "Open Your Mouth" column this week) tells us that in "Too Much Hopeless Savages" the story focuses on family member Arsenal, with this six page preview being a flash back sequence that reveals a bit about her life leading up to the place she finds herself at in this series.

"The flashbacks are done by Ross Campbell, who is new to comics," Rich told CBR News. "He was a student of Durwin Talon's at the Savannah College of Art, and we met him last year at Megacon. His work was so accomplished, and he clicked so well with Jen, we knew we wanted to find a way to bring him in. He's already hard at work on a new project with Antony Johnston ('Three Days In Europe,' 'Alan Moore's The Courtyard')."

Included in the preview below is the aforementioned six page flashback from issue #1, the color cover to issue #3, a pin-up by Ross of Arsenal and the black and white art cover art for the new printing of the first "Hopeless Savages" trade paperback.

For more on "Too Much Hopeless Savages" check out the Oni Press Web Site and look for it in comic stores this June.

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