Too Much Coffee Man creator and ComiCraft unveil new fon't for sale at CCI

Official Press Release

Maybe you've had too much coffee but surely you can't get enough of Too Much Coffee Man? Well now you can indulge in an excess of characters created by the hand of Too Much Coffee Man's creator, Shannon Wheeler. Shannon has worked together with Comicraft's Mister Fontastic, John Roshell, to create a font based on the many lettering styles showcased in his TMCM strip. To promote the fonts, Shannon has also added his name to the long list of artists who have created their own unique interpretations of Comicraft's mascot character, Hip Flask. "Shannon and I were standing in the Pro line at the San Diego Con a couple of years ago, waiting for our badge holders," says Comicraft's President and First Tiger, Richard Starkings. " I gave him a hard time for making fun of us at the Harvey Awards that year, and he was so embarrassed that he surrendered the rights to the Too Much Coffee Man fonts to me on the spot!" The Too Much Coffee Man fonts are the first fonts released by Active Images in their new 'Independent Spirit' line of fonts. "Our 'Masters of Comic Book Art' line -- which includes lettering styles created by Jeff Campbell, Tim Sale and Joe Madureira -- has proven very popular," says John 'JG' Roshell, "and we've been approached by a whole bunch of self-publishing cartoonists about the possibility of digitizing their lettering styles. We're slowly getting round to each one of them, so keep an eye on our site for new releases." The Shannon Wheeler and Too Much Coffee Man set of fonts cost just $99 (slightly less than a cafe latte mocha grande with a biscotti at your favorite local coffee franchise) and are exclusively available at www.comicbookfonts.com.

Source: ComiCraft

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