Tony Stark Debuts the Last Iron Man Suit You Ever Expected

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Tony Stark: Iron Man #4 by Dan Slott, Valerio Schiti, Edgar Delgado and Joe Caramagna, in stores now.

Tony Stark is a man who's ready for anything. Whatever dangerous situation arises, chances are, he'll have a cutting edge Iron Man suit at the ready to deal with it. Whether it's the Hulkbuster suit, the Bleeding Edge armor, the Fin Fang Foombuster or a suit the size of a Celestial, Stark, more often than not, has a trick up his sleeve.

In Dan Slott and Velrio Schiti's new Tony Stark: Iron Man series, we've already seen that the title character is getting back to his roots as a futurist. Once again at the head of his re-branded company, Stark is doing what he does best: inventing new technologies. We've already seen him create new suits of armor, ranging from the gigantic to the microscopic, and he's invented a new digital landscape where anyone can become Iron Man thanks to virtual reality. Even with all of that in mind, in Tony Stark: Iron Man #4 the Armored Avenger debuts a new suit of armor no one would ever have expected.

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Most of the issue is devoted to Tony Stark taking a small break from his duties at Stark Unlimited to go on a date with Janet Van Dyne, aka the Wasp. Perhaps in a bid to augment the romantic factor, Stark opts for a different mode of transportation than his usual expensive sports cars: a Vespa. But make no mistake, this isn't any old Vespa -- this one belongs to Tony Stark, so of course its colored red and gold, down to the protective helmets for both passengers.

Tony Stark Iron Man Vespa suit

The two heroes go around town for their date until trouble, as it always does, comes knocking. The employees at Stark Unlimited find themselves under attack, and their evening has to be cut short. "Aren't you going to change?" Janet asks Tony. "Way ahead of you," he answers, as his Vespa starts to come apart. Yes, Tony Stark's Vespa does its best Transformers impression, twisting an d wrapping itself around the inventor as the latest version of the Iron Man suit. Even after it's finished, you can clearly recognize the Vespa parts that make up the shell of the armor. The large shoulders, the unique chest plate design, the helmet head all make this new suit stand apart from pervious armors.

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Like Iron Man 2's suitcase armor before it, this is a hidden suit that transforms an everyday object into an Iron Man suit. As soon as she sees it, Janet exclaims, "Honestly? I think that's my favorite Iron Man suit ever," and she's likely not alone. This may be the last suit you'd have expected Tony to wear, but there's bound to be a contingent of fans who hope to see this suit as part of his official rotation.

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