Ultron Agenda Merges Two Classic Avengers In A Twisted Fusion

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Tony Stark: Iron Man #16 by Dan Slott, Jim Zub, Valerio Schiti, Edgar Delgado and VC's Joe Caramagna, on sale Wednesday, Sept. 18.

A few years ago Marvel Comics made a major change to a founding Avenger and one of the team's classic villains. Hank Pym has gone by various codenames during his time as a superhero, but he is also known as the creator of Ultron. The killing machine has squared off with Earth's Mightiest Heroes many times, and was even the featured villain on the big screen's Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Recently, "father and son" were combined together in the original graphic novel Avengers: Rage of Ultron, with Hank Pym and Ultron becoming one being. Now dubbed Pymtron, the villain tangled with the Avengers Unity Squad in Uncanny Avengers and also dabbled in galactic affairs in the Infinity Countdown. However, Pymtron appears to be headed back to Earth to rage war in "Ultron Agenda," an upcoming story arc beginning in Tony Stark: Iron Man #16.

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Even though Pymtron is featured on the cover of Issue 16, Marvel's solicit states the antagonist of the story is Machine Man, who is leading a "Robot Uprising" of the Marvel Universe's artificial intelligence. While this certainly can still happen, Pymtron still has a role to play in the event. He had his former wife, Janet Van Dyne, kidnapped and taken to Avengers Mansion, using another twisted hybrid to do his bidding for him. Vision and Wonder Man, two classic Avengers, have also been merged together and set loose on Iron Man. A preview of Tony Stark: Iron Man #16 shows the hybrid defeated, with Iron Man attempting to split the two heroes back to their original forms.

The preview reveals Iron Man is on separation trial #36, but still unsuccessful in reversing the fusion between Vision and Wonder Man. Andy Bhang tells Tony that the process is akin to pulling the eggs and sugar out of a cake that's already baked. Pymtron has somehow merged the heroes together in a way that may be permanent.

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Vision/Wonder Man begins to mock Tony, comparing their two situations. When Iron Man was near death following Civil War II, he performed what can only be described as a "reboot" of his body. However, the result has left Iron Man with the belief that he may be a simulation of the true Tony Stark. This is similar to artificial intelligence, which is what Vision/Wonder Man is picking up on.

Tony is able to deduce that Ultron is behind everything by noticing the pattern in Wonder-Vision's engrams. They need to find Jocasta and warn her about Ultron, but she quit Stark Unlimited to go work for Tony's brother, Arno Stark. Jocasta's journey to upgrade her humanity may make her the next target of Pymtron, but as of this moment, anyone the villain holds a grudge against has a big target on their back.

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