INTERVIEW: Slott Explains Why Tony Stark: Iron Man Isn't 'Invincible' Any Longer


The Marvel Universe is home to a number of heroic super geniuses capable of crafting fantastic devices to aid them in their endeavors. One of the most prolific and inventive of these heroes is billionaire playboy industrialist (and Marvel Cinematic Universe superstar) Tony Stark, who literally built a suit that transforms him into his superheroic alter ego Iron Man. Of course, his engineering genius is coupled with a whole host of personal flaws, which has led to Stark becoming an expert at getting both into and out of trouble

This June, a new era of high tech adventures begins for the Armored Avengers as writer Dan Slott and artist Valerio Schiti kick off the new Marvel Fresh Start series: Tony Stark: Iron Man. CBR spoke with Slott about moving to Iron Man after penning the adventure of another genius Marvel hero for a decade, Spider-Man; his love for the Marvel Universe's “big brains”, and the unique and varied tone of Tony Stark: Iron Man.

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CBR: You're moving from Amazing Spider-Man to Tony Stark: Iron Man and it doesn't seem like it's going to be that big of a transition for a number of reasons. One is that you clearly love both characters. Another is we've already seen some of the classic elements of Iron Man given a Peter Parker spin during your run on Amazing Spider-Man. Did you know you would eventually be writing Iron Man when you kicked off that era of Spider-Man?

EXCLUSIVE: Valerio Schiti concept art for Tony Stark: Iron Man

Dan Slott: I didn't have a clue in the world that I was going to go from Spider-Man to Iron Man. [Laughs] Once editorial told me that Brian was leaving for DC Comics, the first thing I said was, “That's a shame were losing him. I wish him well at DC.” Then the next thing I said was, “I WANT IRON MAN!” I was the first vulture to pick at that carcass. [Laughs]

They asked, “What would your take be on Iron Man?” I was like, “Cutting edge technology, Robert Downey Jr. in the armor. Except we're telling stories out of Black Mirror.” They went, “DONE! It's yours.”

Axel Alonso approved that. I was said to see him go, but I was happy to see C.B. Cebulski come in. C.B. hadn't heard about the Black Mirror-style pitch. So that gave me the freedom to go, “Okay, it's Robert Downey Jr. starring sometimes in Black Mirror and sometimes in Rick and Morty.” So anything in the zone between Black Mirror and Rick and Morty is fair game. High concept sci-fi, but that pendulum can swing many ways: fun, broad, dark, disturbing -- and sometimes all four.

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