EXCLUSIVE: Concept Art for Nine New Iron Man Armors


When Dan Slott and Valerio Schiti launch Tony Stark: Iron Man in June, Marvel Comics's latest solo comic to star the founding Avenger will feature the obligatory new armor for its titular hero -- and then some.

According to Schiti, the new series will actually feature hundreds of new armors. "To do new designs is one of my favorite things in comics," the artist said when discussing the return of Tony to the Iron Man identity. "Here I have the chance to play with such an iconic character, to try different styles, to use classic suits, and to create new and extraordinary armors."

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CBR has an interview coming soon in which Slott digs into some detail about the plans for the series, and ahead of publication, we have the exclusive first look at nine of the hundreds of different armors Schiti has been cooking up.

EXCLUSIVE: Valerio Schiti concept art for Tony Stark: Iron Man

"The designs and character work he's doing is really beautiful—this is stunning work," Slott told CBR of the work his artistic collaborator is pouring into the project. " The way he draws the characters and the tech—I can’t imagine anyone else doing this. He's really bringing his A-Game. I can't wait for people to see this all in action!"

"One of the things we're doing in the book is that for the most part there is no one set Iron Man armor. If you're Tony Stark you can build whatever you want," Slott added, explaining the reason he and Schiti are blowing out Tony's hi-tech options. "So why not have a different suit for the different problems you're facing? Are we going to have a base suit? Yes, because he has to appear over in Avengers and have a consistent look. But when you're in Tony Stark: Iron Man, though, Valerio is going to have complete freedom to go crazy with all kinds of new armors! We’re taking this toy chest -- and we’ve decided it’s not big enough! We’re building extensions!"

EXCLUSIVE: Valerio Schiti concept art for Tony Stark: Iron Man

Tony Stark: Iron Man is expected to arrive in June 2018 from the creative team of Dan Slott and Valerio Schiti, with covers by Alexander Lozano.

EXCLUSIVE: Valerio Schiti concept art for Tony Stark: Iron Man
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