Tony Stark Gets a New Rival in First Look At Iron Man #1

Coming off of a historic 10-year run on The Amazing Spider-Man, writer Dan Slott is teaming with artist Valerio Schiti as they set their sights on Marvel's Armored Avenger in Tony Stark: Iron Man. With the new title being part of the publisher's "Fresh Start" initiative, Slott and Schiti plan to honor the past while introducing new concepts -- and villains -- to the Iron Man mythos.

Slott likes to surprise his readers, but he did offer a few hints as to where the series is headed on Marvel.com. The writer alluded to a new antagonist for Tony Stark, who Slott described as "a devious Marvel U. business rival for Tony who isn’t Justin Hammer or one of the Stanes. When people see who it is, it’ll be a big clue to where we’re heading — and I think Iron Man fans are going to freak out."

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Preview art from Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 depicts Tony competing in a robotics competition. In the end, however, Tony loses to a rival who's barely even trying. And judging by his expression, Tony is none too pleased. Could this be the beginning of bad blood between Tony and this new foe?

A new nemesis isn't the only thing Slott has in store for readers. As a longtime Iron Man fan, he has plans to bring back supporting cast members and gadgets. In addition to Bethany Cabe and Jocasta, Slott said, "We’re going to see the return of specialty armors, because I love those — and it gives Valerio a chance to design all kinds of new and exciting suits... We’ll be doing that while exploring high-concept sci-fi premises that lean in to the tech-based world of Tony Stark. It’s going to get wonderfully weird, and it will build to big secret-y things in the Marvel Universe."

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Written by Dan Slott with art by from Valerio Schiti, Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 goes on sale June 20 from Marvel Comics.

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