Tony Stark: 5 Great Lessons He Peter (& 5 That Didn’t Really Make Sense)

Since the events of Civil War, Tony Stark had treated the young Peter Parker like his son. He's given Peter numerous advanced suits; he's made sure that Peter stayed out of trouble, and he's given Peter the right amount of life lessons. Some of them weren't the smartest things to teach the 15-year-old boy, but some stuck with Peter to the end of Far From Home.

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So, we decided to take the five best and worst lessons that Tony Stark has taught Peter Parker. Say what you will about these lessons, but at least audiences won't have to hear the "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility" speech from Uncle Ben for the 3rd time in a row.

10 Good Lesson: Know your battles.

When Spider-Man tries to fight against some random thugs, the young Super Hero bites off more than he can chew when he learns that the group is also working with a criminal mastermind who has a highly advanced suit that allows him to fly around and always carries a few weapons.

When the villain drops Peter into a lake, he is saved by Iron Man and tells him to stay low and don't take on things you can't handle.

9 Bad Lesson: Ignore your higher-ups, except for me

Oh, Tony. He can't help but do things his way. Be it not riding with Rhodey in Iraq, Sneaking behind the Avengers' backs and making Ultron, etc. He can't help but ignore everyone and not be a team player. So, of course, that lesson would be passed down to Peter.

From trying to stop criminals with high tech suits to putting Nick Fury on voice mail, Peter seems to have this taken advice to heart. Maybe if Iron Man weren't so egotistical, he wouldn't have to pull Peter out of the water every time he messes up.

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8 Good Lesson: Be Better than your teacher.

One of the more polarizing lessons Iron Man teaches the young Peter Parker is for the young man to be better than Iron Man. After saving Spider-Man and people from a destroying ferry, Spider-Man is disappointed in the actions that nearly got him and others killed.

He says that he tried to stop Vultures and his men because he wanted to be like Iron Man. Tony doesn't want Peter to be like him because that will get him killed. Instead, He wants Peter to forge his own path; He doesn't want the kid not to end up the way Tony did.

7 Bad Lesson: Don't Listen to Captain America

If there's one person Peter should listen to over Tony Stark, it's Captain America. The star-spangled soldier has been right about more things than Tony can count. However, because Stark was guilted into letting the government control how Super Heroes acted, he tells Spider-Man not to listen to Captain America.

Not only did that end with him being swatted by Ant-Man, but it also had him ignoring Cap's lesson at school, which was to follow the rules. Maybe if Tony taught Spidey that it's Okay to listen to Steve Rogers, then he wouldn't have gone to that ferry and nearly had him and dozens killed.

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6 Good Lesson: Always Remember your old movies

Remembering old films will always help young filmmakers learn about the classic storytelling techniques, film shoots, and multiple themes that carry on to this day. However, watching old movies is also a good idea to take on Super-Villains and Super Heroes.

Tony has always been quoting lines from movies, so it would make sense that his ward would take things to the next level. Be it using Empire Strikes Back to take down Ant-Man or Aliens to kill Ebony Maw; It always helps to remember the classics.

5 Bad Lesson: Go face to face with someone unless they screwed up

So, when your student or protege does something wrong, you generally want to tell them about how they failed and how they can improve in a face to face conversation. Even if it's something small, the lesson will sink in as long as you are there. Tony.... doesn't do that. Instead, he has one of his suits as a cell phone to talk to Peter like the dead beat Dad Tony is. It's not until lives are in danger that Tony decides to step in and gives Spider-Man some "Tough Love." Sure, Tony's a busy guy, with his company and Super Hero responsibilities, but if he can keep a tracker on Spider-Man, he can squeeze in some time for his ward.

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4 Good Lesson: Stick to the ground

One of the things that make Spider-Man different from other Heroes is that he generally doesn't deal with world-ending threats on a daily bases. Sure, he's an Avenger and has teamed up with a few heroes, but he's the peoples champion. That lesson is taught to the MCU's version of Spider-Man by Iron Man.

After Tony saves Peter, he tells him that there are enough heroes who deal with significant threats like Loki and Ultron. It proves to be a valuable lesson as Peter turns down the offer to join the Avengers and continues being a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

3 Bad Lesson: Black Mail is OK

When you need someone to do something for you, Black Mail them into doing it. When Tony is down a member to take on Cap's team of Super-Heroes, he needs another person on his side. But, rather than using one of his armors AI to fight against Rogers, he recruits a High School kid and uses his Secret Identity as a bargaining chip to get him on his side.

Not the best first impression to make, especially when Tony needs Peter's help to take down Steve Rogers. But Hey. He got to fight Captain America, Falcon, Winter Soldier, and Ant-Man.

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2 Good Lesson: If you're nothing without the Suit, then you don't deserve it

After Peter Nearly gets himself killed, Tony decides to take away the suit he gave Peter. Peter begs his hero not to because he's "nothing without the suit," but Tony tells him, "If you're nothing without the Suit, then you don't deserve it." Since Peter got the suit, he's been making life-threatening decisions, had his friend hack into the suit to deactivate all the safety protocols, and much more.

It makes him sloppy, so Tony gave him the ultimate test. He takes the suit away and makes the boy prove that he's worthy of it. Thanks to Peter's determination and skills, he's able to defeat the Vulture and regain the trust of Tony Stark. Even Get's the suit back as a thank you.

1 Bad Lesson: Give random smart people high tech gadgets

Let's face it; it was a pretty dumb thing of Tony to draft a child into a warzone. Sure, Peter had Spider-Powers, but you shouldn't just give some random kid you don't know some technology that he doesn't know how to use. Oh, and let's not forget the time when he gave a "Super Hero" who's from "another dimension," a pair of special glasses.

That didn't create a WHOLE lot of problems. We can only imagine what will happen with Peter if Miles Morales is introduced in the MCU...

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