Marvel Teases Tony Stark's Death in Iron Man 2020 Event

Marvel Comics has released a new teaser for Iron Man 2020, with the artwork by Inhyuk Lee depicting Arno Stark (Tony Stark's brother) donning his Iron Man 2020 armor over the grave of Tony Stark. The headstone on the grave reads, "Here Lies Anthony Edward Stark 'Iron Man' R.I.P."

No other details were provided for the teaser, but Marvel has been hinting at an Iron Man 2020 event or story arc in the pages of Tony Stark: Iron Man. Arno Stark returned in Tony Stark: Iron Man #5, and a variant cover for the conclusion of "Ultron Agenda" in issue #19 finds Iron Man 2020 pulling Iron Man apart, with the ominous "2020" in the background.

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Created in 1984's Machine Man #2, Arno Stark/Iron Man 2020 was the first cousin once removed (though sometimes nephew) of a Tony Stark from an alternate Earth. After gaining control of the Iron Man armor, Arno served as a mercenary and worked with the villain Sunset Bain against a resurrected Machine Man.

Kieron Gillen and Dale Eaglesham introduced a different version of Arno to Earth-616 during "The Secret Origin of Tony Stark," though there wasn't much of a connection between this character and the original.

More details may be released later this week during New York Comic-Con.

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