Tony Scott Considering <i>24</i> Movie?

Kiefer Sutherland has already booked his first major role since the conclusion of 24 last May, signing on to star as James Daley in the Broadway revival of Jason Miller's That Championship Season. It's a star-studded cast including Brian Cox, Jim Gaffigan, Chris Noth and (eep) Jason Patric, and as a New York resident with a love for theater, I know exactly what I'm doing when this stage play lands in February.

But I'm even more excited by a different piece of information buried in Deadline's article about Sutherland's latest gig -- an update on the 24 movie. Since the series finale earlier this year, little to nothing has been publicly announced regarding Jack Bauer's move from hour-by-hour televised thrills to a more condensed theatrical mission. That's still the case, but there's a heck of an interesting rumor to ponder: the possible involvement of Tony Scott as the film's director.

Deadline reports:

There is a script draft by Billy Ray, and the most recent word I'd heard had Tony Scott discussing the film with the studio. Scott has made no commitment to the project, though he would be an inspired choice given his penchant for creating cinematic tension in films like Man on Fire and the upcoming Unstoppable.

Scott already has his hands full with the forthcoming Nemesis adaptation and the planned sequel to Top Gun, among other projects. But I agree with Deadline; based on the breakneck pace that's characterized the majority of his film work, Scott really is an intriguing choice for the 24 movie. Nothing is official yet, of course, and I don't necessarily expect Scott's involvement to pan out -- but if it does, consider this 24 fan a very happy camper.

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