First Look at Tony S. Daniel's Batman #800 Variant

On Twitter, artist Tony S. Daniel unveiled the completed version of his cover for the upcoming Batman #800, with colors by Tomeu Morey.

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He had previously shown off an unfinished inked version of the cover on Monday, before following up with the final version.

Daniel's variant cover features an image of Batman in his Rebirth costume, standing in a pile of rubble. Etched in stone, the number 800 looms behind him, as bats fly towards the top of the page.

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As it was previously reported, DC Comics will renumber several of their titles in order to celebrate the history of their biggest characters with Legacy-style variant covers drawn by Daniel. Each title will be renumbered according to the anniversary issue it is celebrating.

Superman #34 will be #800, Wonder Woman #34 will be #700, The Flash #39 will be #700 and Batman #35 will be #800. Batman #800 and Superman #800 will hit shelves on November 1. Wonder Woman #700 will be out on November 8, and The Flash #700 will see release on January 24, 2018.

This celebration of history and legacy will all lead up to the landmark Action Comics #1000, expected out in March 2018.

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