Tony Moore's daily sketches are pretty amazing

Tony Moore is among the most versatile artists in comics, and after returning recently from a sabbatical he's producing some excellent chipboard sketches that showcase his range.

Posted on his blog (and available for sale as original art!), these headshot sketches shine a spotlight on the nuance of Moore's abilities. He seems able to find richness in characters ranging from Batman to Beetlejuice to Tina Belcher in these pieces.

Moore has kept a relatively low comics profile since ending his run on Deadpool, but between these sketches, his Maron strips and the rare new variant cover, he seems to be a powder keg of creative energy. It's so contagious, his young daughter Emmylou is getting in on the monster-drawing act.

While we wait for that to materialize, these sketches are more are on sale on Moore's online store.

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