Tony Moore teams with comedian Marc Maron for weekly comic

Tony Moore has drawn zombies, militant popes, dead presidents and alien invaders, but now he's tackling a subject even more challenging: Marc Maron.

Moore announced he's collaborating with the popular comedian/podcast host on a series of one-panel comics based on episodes of IFC's Maron (the cable refers to them as "recaps"). Installments will be released concurrently with new episodes, which debut Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Moore is best known for his action work in The Walking Dead, Dear Agent and his recent run on Deadpool, but this new weekly strip shows off a different side. The artist has been off the comics radar going on a year now -- his last new work was May 2013's Deadpool #6 -- so it's nice to see Moore back and do something different (and funny).

Below, check out the first strip, featuring Sarah Silverman, and look for updates on the IFC Tumblr.

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