Tony Moore provides cover art for apocalyptic virus film <I>Dead Weight</I>

I recently had a conversation with a comics artist about how being a good comics artist doesn't necessarily mean you'd be a good cover artist, or character designer for that matter. One artist who has shown a propencity for great covers and great sequential comic pages is Tony Moore, but some  people forget that.

When Tony Moore burst into the mainstream with The Walking Dead, his haunting covers of zombies earned him an Eisner nomination for Best Cover Artist in 2005. After leaving that title in 2005 he continued a spate of great covers on Fear Agent and The Exterminators as well as covers for a variety of books from Rob Zombie's Spookshow International to Sea of Red and several of Claudio Sanchez' books. But for some reason, most people have forgotten how good Moore is at covers -- but this new illustration for a DVD brings that back front and center.

This illustration is for a limited edition slipcase DVD edition of the movie Dead Weight. Sharing the survivalism theme of The Walking Dead (but without the zombies),the film follows a man trying to get to his girlfriend in the wake of an apocalyptic virus outbreak. Moore really defines the world before and the world after in this illustration, and I hope Moore is able to do more of this in the future. Click on the image to see it bigger.

And if Dead Weight sounds interesting to you, I've included a trailer below.

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