"Tony Loco" Returns with Free Issue #1

Official Press Release

Critics loved it. Consumers fell into it. Just not enough of them got a chance to read it. So Illusive Arts Entertainment, with the encouragement of Diamond Comic Distributors, has decided to relaunch the unique series Tony Loco.

This February, several hundred comic book stores will receive free copies of Tony Loco #1 so they can experience this fresh story and recommend it to their customers. Tony Loco #2 was originally intended for release on February 14, but to allow comic book stores and comic book fans that haven't yet seen Tony Loco the time to take it in, Tony Loco #2, will be re-solicited in Diamond's March Previews and will be released May 2, 2007. The bi-monthly release schedule will continue with Issue #3 coming out in July.

"We have decided to go ahead and print Issue #2 at this time, so we can have it at our Spring conventions- WonderCon, Emerald City, and APE- to allow the public a chance to become familiar with Tony Loco and grow the audience," said Illusive's Chief Make-It-A-Success Officer, Anna Warren Boersig. "We apologize to the wonderfully supportive retailers and fans that placed orders for Issue #2, but we need to relaunch this series and re-solicit the second issue to raise the order numbers and meet Diamond's bar, so that Tony Loco can be a successful comic book. Our first series Dorothy has an amazing following and we think that this sophomore effort should get a chance to build the same audience and thrive."

Series creator, writer and artist Mark Teague said, "Tony Loco is a complex story of personal quest. As such, it will take time to find its audience, but we are committed to do so."

If you haven't heard the buzz, take a look:

"Tony Loco ROCKS!"

- Keith Champagne, writer (DC's JSA, Green Lantern Corps and World War III)

"I enjoyed 'em."

- Patton Oswalt, comedian/actor/writer (JLA: Welcome to the Work Week, Negative Burn)

"I can't wait to see what happens next."

- Tim Bradstreet, artist (The Punisher, Criminal Macabre)

"With its haunted atmosphere and weirdly compelling storyline, Tony Loco is spellbinding from page one."

- Mark Hamill, actor/writer/director

"If you want something different then check this out. You will not be disappointed."

- Richard Vasseur, Jazmaonline.com

"Yet, the story of TONY LOCO never falters or stumbles. It pulls you right in and moves you along. It combines elements of drama, humor, pathos - and just about anything else you'd want in a story."

- T. E. Pouncey, Geekzine.com

"The writing and dialogue of this issue is engaging and tight. I was actually made uncomfortable and ill at ease by the setting and the treatment of the residents by the staff. It's difficult to really describe the overall sensation of reading the set-up issue of the series, but I will state that I'm hungry for more."

- Koben Kelly, Newsarama.com

Tony Loco can be described as "Batman in the barrio" while being a "dark re-imagining of Don Quixote." Tony Loco is a bi-monthly 32 page color comic and carries a retail price of $3.50. Art samples and further details can be found at www.illusivearts.com.

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