"Tony Loco" Preview Debuts on Komikwerks.com

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Komikwerks.com announced today that Illusive Arts Entertainment's"Tony Loco" will join the webcomics site for a limited preview run, leading up to the comic shop release of this quirky new indie title.

Corruption spreads through an innocent town while their best hope rots in a mental institution plagued by doctors and demons. So begins the legend of Tony Loco, a thrilling tale of Western justice, unquiet ghosts, and stuffed elephants, told by Mark Teague and Derek McCaw.

Unveiled at Comic-Con International, "Tony Loco" has already garnered praise from insiders.

Actor, filmmaker, comic creator and Jedi Knight Mark Hamill calls the book a, "Soulful and assured, epic and yet still intimate, it will

leave you anxious for more... the saga is only beginning!"

"Tony is the lowest common denominator, he's big, he's mute, and he's trapped in a place where no one cares. A lost soul you cannot help pulling for," said famed Marvel cover artist Tim Bradstreet. "Through his eyes we see a world very different from our own, and behind those eyes lies the sleeping presence of something more than just a man."

Creator, writer and artist Mark Teague is best known for his work on such films as "Comic Book: The Movie" and "Superguy: Behind the Cape", the latter of which he starred in.

Co-writer Derek McCaw runs FanboyPlanet.com, teaches high school Drama to Catholic schoolgirls, acts and, with his family, ensures that there will be a coming generation of fanboys.

The "Tony Loco" preview will feature a new installment each Monday until the book's release in December. The feature continues the Komikwerks tradition of building awareness for out-of-the-mainstream comics. Earlier titles previewed on the site include "Red Diaries", "Sudden Gravity" and "Renfield".

View the first installment on October 30th at http://www.komikwerks.com

For more information about "Tony Loco" visit http://www.illusivearts.com and http://www.fanboyplanet.com/tonyloco.php

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