Tony goes crazy for comics, Star Wars and more

Happy Saturday and welcome to Shelf Porn, where fans show us their collections. Today's very clean, well-lit room belongs to Tony from the website Crazy4ComicCon.com. Tony shares his collection of statues, movie posters and more.

If you'd like to submit your collection to Shelf Porn, scroll down to the end of the post to find out how. Submissions have been coming in like gangbusters over the last couple weeks, along with lots of quetsions about how to submit ... so I've provided a few tips and guidelines as well.

And now here is Tony ...


Hi my name is Tony (aka: Crazy4ComicCon.com) I've been a nerd every since I could hold up a lightsaber. I've collected comics since the mid 80's- the magical era that birthed masterpieces such as the Dark Knight Returns and Crisis on Infinite Earths. In many ways, Superman and Wonder Woman raised me as 2-dimensional parents. As a child of immigrant Korean parents, I identified with feeling misplaced in a foreign land. They certainly taught me the values of truth, justice, and the American way. As a result, I have devoted much of my life to helping others in anyway I can. From junior high on, my hobbies soon expanded to include all kinds of sci-fi with an obsession to Star Wars and Star Trek. I was the only kid in school who tried forming clubs with my friend based on Star Trek The Motion Picture (yikes). Eventually, as an adult, I found Comic-Con and everything finally came into focus. Through my website and Twitter (@Crazy4ComicCon), I have been able to connect with so many like minded fans and have gone from a lonely wandering misfit to now contributing to an active nerd community.

I work as a consultant from home and spend much time in my office. My main shelf displays much of my nerd passions- comic books, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, and Comic-Con. One of my favorite pieces is my 12 inch Speeder Bike which patrols the area for vagrant Ewoks (my kids). My book shelf is flanked by the Justice League (by Alex Ross) poster and the Star Trek The Motion Picture movie still. I also have a humble collection of comic book original art that were signed and given to me by the artists. In the corner, the original Kenner Millennium Falcon is still one of my beloved childhood toys. At my computer, sits a lamp that I made from some of my favorite comic book titles. Up on more shelves sits more of my nerd swag. Besides work, this Fortress of Solitude is where I blog and Tweet about all things nerdy- and all this swag inspires me on a daily basis. Thanks!


Thanks Tony! If you'd like to see your collection featured here on Robot 6, here's what you need to do:

1. Take some photos and save them as jpgs. 2. Write a little something about your collection3. Send them to me in an email.

Some additional tips:

1. Although we don't have a minimum or maximum limit on photos, usually 10-15 should suffice. They also don't need to be huge, so if you can shrink them down so they are less than 1000 x 1000, that would be great. You can help make your collection look nice by being sure to focus, use the right lighting, dust your shelves beforehand, etc. 2. You can either write something up that'll appear at the beginning of the post, or you can describe each item. Please be sure to indicate where each image should be placed within your write-up, but don't embed the images into a Word doc. Just put the file name in brackets where you want the image to appear. 3. When sending images using something like YouSendIt or DropBox, please keep in mind that I may not get to your submission for a month or more, so make sure you don't delete them or that they won't expire.4. Please include your name (just your first name is fine) and location with your write-up.

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