Tony Gilroy Writing <i>The Bourne Legacy</i> Treatment

Universal Pictures has hired Tony Gilroy to write the treatment for The Bourne Legacy, the upcoming fourth installment in the Jason Bourne franchise. Gilroy — who wrote the screenplays for all three previously released Bourne adventures — is said to be writing something that studio insiders are referring to as the "Bourne Bible." A 2012 release date is planned.

Previously, Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum director Paul Greengrass removed himself from the Bourne situation. Leading man Matt Damon indicated that he wouldn't return to the franchise without Greengrass, though Deadline Hollywood suggests that the involvement of Gilroy could lure Damon back to the table.

But the idea of a "Bourne Bible" combined with the removal of Damon from the mix seems to suggest the possibility of a Bourne prequel — Legacy, in other words, could spin off a whole new trilogy. I wouldn't be opposed to that, though Damon's return to the title role would certainly be my first choice.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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