Tony Daniel's "Humankind" coming from Top Cow in August

Official Press Release

Top Cow Productions and Tony Daniel present the next big chapter in the Cow's publishing library, as Humankind becomes Top Cow's newest monthly continuing title this August. Humankind is created, written, and penciled by Daniel, inked by Kevin Conrad, and colored by Tanya and Richard Horie.

"Humankind is our next staple book alongside Witchblade and Darkness." says Top Cow Editor-in-Chief Jim McLauchlin. "Tony's work is fantastic, he's already penciled several issues of this title, and it's amazing stuff! When it comes to hulking monsters, slick robots, and cool sci-fi worlds, Tony is themaster!"

Humankind #1 will come with three regular covers, by Daniel, Marc Silvestri, and Greg Land. There will be a special, fourth, sketch cover incentive book for advance ticket holders of the Wizard World Chicago convention this August, where the book officially launches with Tony Daniel and Marc Silvestri in attendance. Full preview copies of Humankind #1 will be available at Top Cow's website by the end of June.

Humankind follows the story of Detective Alia Sparrow, who leads the human-crimes division in a heavily populated gothic city on the planet Thera. As she tracks down a serial killer, she finds out that she's pursuing a human from Earth, an astronaut who crash-landed on her planet. This sole survivor, a Russian Captain named Bruno Jarikoff, claims not to be a serial killer but a guinea pig in a government-controlled laboratory who has altered his DNA in order to carry out a nefarious plot against the humans on Earth.

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