Tony Daniel Revives "Deathstroke" For DC Comics in October

MTV reports that DC Comics plans to revive Slade Wilson for an all-new "Deathstroke" ongoing series in October. Written by Tony Daniel with art by Daniel and Sandu Florea, the series seeks to "make people give a damn about his missions and motivations" according to Daniel.

"He's still a mercenary and assassin, so there's no way he'll ever be welcomed into a room full of heroes. I'm writing him in a way where he is still pretty much a bad guy but because of his methods, and that whole killing his enemies thing, you know," Daniel told MTV. "But the people he's up against here are clearly evil bastards. If anyone deserves to be disemboweled, it's this group. Deathstroke is a murderer by all definitions, for the most part, he's going after his targets. In my first arc he's also the hunted, so I guess there is a little self defense in there somewhere. But make no mistake, he won't be palling around with Superman. His only friends or lovers are others who are deeply rooted in the world of crime."

This is the second "Deathstroke" ongoing series that DC will have published since the New 52 launched. Although the first "Deathstroke" launched with creative team Kyle Higgins and Joe Bennett, the series changed hands many times over its 20 issue run including Justin Jordan and Rob Liefeld. The original series saw its final issue published in May 2013.

The resurgence of a "Deathstroke" ongoing is likely owed to the success of Manu Bennett's portrayal of the character on "Arrow," which garnered acclaim from fans and critics alike during its second season. Although, Daniel states that the series will likely not share that much in common with its television counterpart.

"Deathstroke will certainly forge his own path here," Daniel said. "What the 'Arrow' series does though, is make me want to put Green Arrow and Deathstroke together at some point. I'm sure that's in the cards down the road, and it doesn't hurt that I've also been a long time Green Arrow fan."

"Deathstroke" #1 hits stores October 22.

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