Tony Daniel returns to Top Cow with 'Tomb Raider'

Official Press Release

[Tomb Raider #30]Acclaimed artist Tony Daniel returns to Top Cow and comicdom in 2003 topencil the special double-sized 30th issue of Tomb Raider scheduled for aMay release. Well-known for his graphic visuals and dynamic storytelling,Tony joins series writer John Ney Reiber (Captain America), inker JonathanSibal and colorist Jonathan D. Smith.

"I took a year off so I knew that I wanted to return to comics in 2003 withboth guns blazing and Tomb Raider is the perfect match," says Tony Daniel."I've always been a huge fan of the game and the Lara Croft character and Iam thrilled that I'll get the opportunity to use my all of my artisticstrengths with Tomb Raider!"

Tomb Raider 30 tells the tale of a young boy held captive in the Vaticanprison that Lara Croft must set free to secure his knowledge of the fabledWaters of Life and Death. She must defeat the deadly robotic Secutor thatguards this young boy¹s cell, survive a parasitic alien's murderous claws inthe blighted Siberian wilderness and face the greatest threat to hersurvival and her sanity when she sees what her depraved nemesis Lord Vymeshas done to her lover Tsang.

"Just seeing Tony's cover sketch for Tomb Raider #30‹not even the finishedart, just the rough!‹got me excited," says Top Cow Editor-in-Chief JimMcLauchlin. "It's great that the first new thing I can help do at the Cow isbring one of the best artists in the comics biz back into the comics biz‹andon a project he loves as well."

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