Tomorrow is (Women) Read Comics in Public Day

As Kevin mentioned earlier this month, Tuesday is the third annual Read Comics in Public Day. The reason it's worth mentioning again (besides just as a reminder) is that Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass has put a spin on it that's important and cool. This is the second year that she's advocated for the particular need for women to read comic in public. In addition to talking about it on her own blog, she's started a separate Tumblr dedicated to photos of women reading their comics in public spaces.

While Brian Heater and Sarah Morean's Read Comics in Public idea is devoted to raising awareness of the entire medium, Sue's version has a more focused purpose. "I don’t care what comic you read," she writes,  "but if you are so inclined to read a superhero comic from Marvel or DC, that would be great." The intention, if I understand it correctly, is to fight the perception that superhero comics aren't interesting to women. Sue and others like her fight that perception online every day, but Women Read Comics in Public is an opportunity to do that in the real world.

Of course, the argument can -- and should -- be made that we don't need a special day for this. This is something that comics readers of either gender can do every day of the year. Without directly putting words into Sue's mouth, I'm going to assume that she agrees with Brian Heater's thoughts about the event's falling in the middle of the week. If that's an inconvenient time for you, "celebrate over the weekend — and during the week. Heck, read comics in public all month long, just to be sure." It's fun to do it on a special day, especially if there's a meet-up, when you know lots of other people are doing it too, but the point is to do it.

(Photo from Tomboy Style)


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