Yes, Tommy Wiseau Really Wants to Play the Joker

tommy wiseau joker

Tommy Wiseau is probably best known for his role as director of and actor in The Room, a modern B-movie drama that garnered both ire and intense ironic infatuation after its release in 2003. But if Wiseau has his way, he might become known for at least one more thing -- the weirdest onscreen portrayal of the Joker, ever.

Seemingly in response to news last week that Joaquin Phoenix is being looked at to play the Clown Prince of Crime in the upcoming Joker origin movie, Wiseau has thrown is hat into the ring, stating on Twitter that he, too, is interested in playing the Batman villain. This comes after Wiseau told the film's director, Todd Phillips, "DM me" after word about Phoenix's potential casting got out.

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Apparently the notion has taken hold. Wiseau's second tweet includes a mock-up of the actor in Joker makeup and, of course, there’s already a faux trailer:

Wiseau’s name has been back in the news as of late due to The Disaster Artist, a comedy-drama biography from James Franco about the making of The Room. Wiseau will return to the big screen in March for the first volume of Best F(r)iends, a film that reunites him with The Room co-star Greg Sestero for the first time in 15 years.

The Joker origins movie, directed by Todd Phillips, has no release date or concrete casting information at this time.

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