The Room's Tommy Wiseau Gets His Feet Wet with Horror Film Big Shark

At a recent showing of The Room, creators Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero revealed they are working on a new horror movie titled Big Shark.

According to FilmFutter, Tommy Wiseau released a teaser that introduces Wiseau and Sestero as Patrick and Georgie, who -- along with their friend Tim (Isaiah LaBorde) -- meet two young beautiful women. Eventually, the party heads outside, where the two women get into a fight after one of them calls Gerogie an ass. After a quick run to their car, water suddenly washes through the streets; soon, the three friends are up to their hips in water. Suddenly, an animated shark emerges and eats a victim. The title appears to the sound of Wiseau screaming in pain.

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Wiseau and Sestero offered some additional details about this unfinished project during a Q&A session. According to Sestero, Big Shark tells the story of three firefighters who save the world from a gigantic shark. The film is set in New Orleans, where Wiseau claims to be fromWiseau said that his time there inspired him to give something back to the city.

Wiseau and Sestero assured the crowd that they plan to work on the film throughout the year. If everything goes according to schedule, they will celebrate the film's worldwide premiere at the Prince Charles Cinema in England this September.

The movie known as The Room needs no introduction. Hailed as "the Citizen Kane of bad movies," the film is a quotable cult classic that put screenwriter, director and actor Wiseau on the map. The bizarre film's production was subject Sestero's autobiography The Disaster Artist, which was adapted into a film that won writer-director James Franco a Golden Globe for Best Actor. Since The Room, Wiseau has enjoyed small roles in film and television and rejoined Sestero for his 2017 thriller Best F(r)iends.

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