Tommy Wiseau's Big Shark Trailer Brings His Unique Camp to Horror

Last week, at a screening of his cult classic  The Room, director Tommy Wiseau revealed that he and his longtime friend and collaborator Greg Sestero were working on new horror movie titled Big Shark. They discussed some details about the project and even surprised the excited audience with a sneak peek at the teaser trailer, which was officially released today.

The trailer introduces three men: Patrick, Georgie and Tim, portrayed by Wiseau, Sestero and actor Isaiah LaBorde, who meet two women during an evening out. Suddenly, both women slap Georgie as a result of some unseen action and his friends laugh and tease him about it while they walk back to their car. Without warning, the trio finds themselves knee-deep in water, with the film's animated antagonist munching on a screaming victim in the flooded background. The trailer concludes with a shark rushing to camera and Wiseau's distinctive screaming in the background.

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The film will reportedly take place in New Orleans, a tribute to the city where Wiseau claims to have lived in for a time. This would be the first collaboration for Wiseau and Sestero since 2017's Best F(r)iends.  Both actors have said they plan to work on the film throughout the year and are aiming for a September 2019 release.

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