Tomb Raider: Everything We Unearthed From the First Trailer

tomb raider

Fans of smashing ancient walls and finding lost civilizations on a regular basis, rejoice: The first full-length trailer for MGM's Tomb Raider arrived overnight.

Starring Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina, The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) as Lara Croft, Tomb Raider appears to adapt elements of 2013's hit video game reboot of the same name as well as its sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider. It's Norwegian director Roar Uthaug's (The Wave) first American film, and judging from this first trailer, it promises the thrills and emotional intensity that made the video game so interesting.

So let's break it down and try to see what this Tomb Raider has in store for audiences.

A Survivor is Born


We know from the film's synopsis that Lara is a college student who works as a bike messenger, and initially refuses to accept the death of her father, Lord Richard Croft (played by Dominic West). But as an unnamed woman working for Croft Holdings tells Lara, "Your father is gone. You can pick up where he left off." After unlocking a puzzle and discovering her father's hidden study, Lara decides to follow in the footsteps of her adventurer father and embarks on a search for a mythical island off the coast of Japan so that she, as Lord Croft pleads via recorded message, can "close the tomb, once and for all" and save humanity.

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Lara is a risk-taker, a skilled fighter and a quick-witted survivor, qualities tgat developed out of necessity; that was the point of the game's story. That concept appears to be the heart of this film as well, despite the obvious changes to Lara's backstory and, perhaps more significantly, to Lara herself.

Defying Death ... Classic Lara


Lara tries to persuade a hesitant ship captain, Lu Ren (played by Daniel Wu), to commit to this journey with her, promising that their voyage into the Devil's Triangle "will be an adventure," to which Ren fearfully replies, "Death is not an adventure."

That scene, and the fact that Lara never panics or cries, suggests the film's protagonist is a little different from her counterpart in the 2013 game, and more akin to the classic Lara Croft of the 1990s and early 2000s, who routinely defied death.

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