Tomasi & Mahnke to Take Over "Superman/Wonder Woman" in November

USA Today reports that "Batman and Robin" scribe Peter J. Tomasi and artist Doug Mahnke have been tapped as the new creative team for DC Comics' "Superman/Wonder Woman," taking the reins of the book from current writer Charles Soule in November. The first arc will feature a "mysterious crew" of villains, beginning with the introduction of Atomic Skull and Major Disaster. However, it's Superman and Wonder Woman that are -- understandably -- at the core of the story.

"I want to stare hard into the heart of both of these characters and their true love and see what that love means to us, the DC Universe and the people of Earth," Tomasi told USA Today. "Does it pose a danger or a threat? If two people like that are together and in love, where is the drama in that, and what repercussions does it have?"

"It's not strong love if it's not tested," Tomasi continued later. "Anything with two hearts in mind, if they're not put at odds or built through hardships and tough times, I don't think they're real relationships."

The newspaper's website also had details about Tomasi's current arc of "Batman and Robin," "Robin Rises." The cover for "Batman and Robin" #36 features Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon in Damian Wayne-inspired uniforms. While Tomasi wasn't able to say much about how the arc will progress through its November installment, he did note that "all of these characters at this point are in the Robin mix."

"The Bat-family will, in the end, rise to the challenge of helping a new Robin come to be in the DCU," said Tomasi.

Tomasi & Mahnke's "Superman/Wonder Woman" run begins in November with "Superman/Wonder Woman" #13.

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