Tomasi & Mahnke Take Over Detective Comics With An Eye On #1000

the acclaimed team of writer peter j. tomasi and artist doug mahnke will takeover detective comics with the series' 944th issue, as announced by dc comics at san diego's comic-con international.

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tomasi revealed the publisher's plans to have him and mahnke takeover the reins of dc's namesake comic series at the batman-centric panel for sdcc 2018. he indicated that they'll be looking ahead to the landmark issue #1000, which is expected to hit stands within the next year.

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both tomasi and mahnke have recently lent their talents primarily to superman titles in recent years, though both creators have a storied history working with the cosmic side of the dcu over in the green lantern/green lantern corps comics. the duo previously tackled a tale of batman in a well-received team-up issue of batman & robin in which the caped crusader took on an adventure with frankenstein.

for a full recap from dc's bat-family panel, head here; stay tuned to cbr for all the latest developments from comic-con international in san diego.

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