Tomasi & Gleason On "Batman & Robin"

After already unleashing a tidal wave of creative team changes and shake-ups this week, DC Comics kicked off today with news of a major shift in one of their best-selling titles this morning with word that Grant Morrison will be stepping off "Batman & Robin" to be replaced by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason.

"I'm incredibly excited to be working on 'Batman And Robin'! I mean who the hell wouldn't be?!?" enthused Tomasi in the official announcement at the publisher's The Source blog. "I've enjoyed my few forays into the Bat Universe with 'Nightwing,' 'Batman: Blackest Night' and 'Batman And The Outsiders,' and was always hoping I'd get a chance to tackle a main Bat book, so to be able to take the monthly reins from Grant on such a tremendous book is a dream come true and it's going to be a blast, especially when my partner in crime is artist Patrick Gleason, who I've had a great working relationship over in 'Green Lantern Corps'!"

The change in team will come in November after Morrison and artist Cameron Stewart wrap the sixth three-part arc on the series. And while Morrison has often spoken about his intentions to continue on with the Batman franchise after the current "Return of Bruce Wayne" story makes for another shift in the Gotham status quo, the announcement that the series tailor-made to present the adventures of Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne would continue on after the return of the original Batman opens up many a question about both that title, the shape of the entire Bat-line and Morrison's next step as overseer of the franchise.

For their part, DC only teased that "we have a few more announcements on tap" asking fans to "wait a few days" before the answers would be revealed. For more on the change, check out The Source and keep your eyes peeled to CBR for more on the future of Bamtan and Grant Morrison.

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