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Tom Vs Tobey Vs Andrew: 15 Hilariously Danktacular Spider-Memes

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Tom Vs Tobey Vs Andrew: 15 Hilariously Danktacular Spider-Memes

It’s easy to see that Spider-Man is Marvel’s biggest character. Period. When families were still unsure who Captain America and Iron Man were, everyone and their grandma was familiar with the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. As such, Hollywood has grabbed this character and shoved him into several movie franchises, all in an effort to capitalize on his familiarity and make a higher profit. However, with Sony in charge, things didn’t quite go as planned. Sam Raimi’s franchise was cut short after the underwhelming reception of Spider-Man 3, and Marc Webb’s universe was killed after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was critically panned. Because of these multiple failures, Sony and Marvel are now working together to put a new version of Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Shortly after he made his debut, people have been debating who the best movie Spider-Man is. A lot of people state that it’s Tom Holland, others say that it’s Tobey Maguire. Then there’s a small minority who says Andrew Garfield is the best. Wherever you stand is completely up to you, but we’re fairly certain that you’ll change your mind after you see these 15 savage Spider-Memes. Can you tell we’re fans of Tom Holland?


Because there have been three different Spider-Men in the movies in less than a decade, many people are easily confused. There are still those who are waiting for Andrew Garfield’s interpretation to show up in the MCU. While many are debating as to who wore it better, there are many others just complaining that there are just too many Spider-Men to keep track of.

Needless to say, moments like these make for some great memes, such as this one above. While Tobey, Andrew and Tom don’t wear the same costume, the joke remains the same, as they’re all playing the same iconic character. The kicker here is that two Spider-Men on the outside are pointing at one in the middle. Three guesses who that one is.


Since Tobey Maguire was cast as the wall-crawler, the trend has been putting younger actors into the role to give the character a more classic feel. After all, Peter Parker was only 15 when he first got his powers in the comics, so why can’t Hollywood give that a shot?

Well, now that we have Tom Holland, an extremely young actor, playing Peter Parker, many fans have noticed a trend in these actors. Keep in mind that when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out, Tom would’ve been around 14-15 years old. While the kid in the photo is a bit far off, there’s an element of truth to it. On top of that, we have to hand it to the kid for having some rad shoes.


One can only imagine the conversation that went on behind Sony’s executives to fire Andrew Garfield and bring a different actor to play the MCU Spider-Man. It was obviously a choice that would be painful for the fans as well as Garfield himself, but one that had to ultimately be made.

Clearly, J. Jonah Jameson wouldn’t be able to have more than one Peter Parker at the Daily Bugle, so this choice is made pretty difficult. On top of that, Jameson represents a lot of us when we’re trying to decide who the best cinematic version of our favorite Marvel webhead is. Though, we should add that there is no other actor than Tobey Maguire who could brilliantly share the same room with the great J.K. Simmons.


After years of mediocre Spider-Man films, fans of the character were just ready to have a good yet classic interpretation of the character. Enter Captain America: Civil War, which some regarded as the best Spider-Man movie of all time (go figure). Holland’s portrayal of the character brought a lot of heart and classic feel to a timeless character. He blended perfectly with the rest of the MCU.

Then we take a look at his battle with Falcon and Winter Soldier. Swinging in and taking them out seems almost effortless for him, and one brilliant mind noticed the similarities with how he topped the other two Spider-Man actors. What makes it perfect is the various expressions that the other two are making at the same time.


Tom Holland’s Peter Parker brings a whole different progression to the Spider-Man lore. Whereas the other two were mostly focused on the women they loved, Tom’s version was more focused on being the superhero and Avenger he, and all of us, knew he was capable of becoming. Unfortunately, this led him to believe that the suit defined who he was, and everything took a hit as a result.

One way to take this arc and turn it into a joke is by juxtaposing it with a previous version of Spider-Man. The picture of Tobey is from Spider-Man 3 where he acts frightened of Harry Osborn during their battle. Needless to say, it’s a perfect way to point out the drama in a phrase like “I’m nothing without the suit.”


When people argue about who the best Spider-Man is, those who favor Tom Holland have one fundamental point that anyone else simply can’t match: he’s the first movie Spider-Man that gets to be an Avenger. Seeing Spider-Man fight alongside the likes of Iron Man and Black Panther is too cool to ignore, and his style and look fits perfectly in the MCU.

The only people bummed out about it, according to this meme, are Maguire and Garfield respectively. After all, there were plans for Tobey’s Spider-Man to join Fox’s X-Men at some point, and Garfield almost got to be a part of the MCU himself. However, that’s all history now, and Tom Holland is the Peter Parker who actually got the honor of becoming an Avenger in the MCU.


After seeing both Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming, it’s clear that Tom Holland understands the Spider-Man character and will be playing him for quite a long time. However, there are still those holding onto the idea that Tobey had the best version, and this meme plays around with that idea.

Tom Holland had a brilliant lip sync battle earlier this year, but the guy next to him still has a few opinions of his own when it comes to what Holland was doing. Interrupting his performance, he had to get out this small statement of favoring Tobey Maguire. What really completes the entire thing is adding in that meme of Maguire’s Peter Parker at the very end, even injecting a little meme nostalgia along the way.


Because Hollywood has progressively moved toward a Spider-Man who is more accurate to the comics, the actors that have played Peter Parker and Aunt May respectively have become younger and younger. It’s gotten to the point where many people have pointed out that the next interpretation of Spider-Man (assuming there is one) will be even younger than the current Tom Holland version in the MCU.

This meme gives a perfect image as to what that would look like. No doubt that we wouldn’t want to be seeing superhero movies up until 2022, but if we get another Spider-Man reboot, expect to see him dealing with the struggles of Kindergarten while Aunt May has to deal with the struggles of high school. That’d make for a brilliant movie! Anyone else with us?


After the fairly positive reception of The Amazing Spider-Man, Sony felt that it was high time they did their own cinematic universe, similar to Fox’s X-Men and the MCU as a whole. Not only did they have plans for an immediate sequel, but a third entry, a Sinister Six spin-off, a Venom solo film, and a Black Cat movie as well. As we know, those plans didn’t come to fruition.

This meme points out the failures of both Sam Raimi’s and Marc Webb’s films without ever bringing Tom Holland into the picture. As Andrew is planning the third film over the phone, Tobey Maguire leans out and states how they’ll be getting pretty familiar with each other very soon. Prepare for the Garfield fans to get triggered.


Many of the best memes involving Tom Holland have to do with him being a part of the Avengers. The reason this meme made the list is not that it simply points out this fact, but does so in a creative way. We start off with a scene from The Dark Knight where some Batman impersonators are asking the Caped Crusader, “What’s the difference between you and us?” The only real change is that we have Maguire’s and Garfield’s faces in their place.

Then instead of Batman saying “I’m not wearing hockey pads,” it’s Tom Holland stating he gets to be in the Avengers. Then we cut over to a scene from Civil War with Maguire and Garfield beating the living snot out of Holland. If we were them, we’d be a little hurt too. Our favorite part of the whole thing? The proposed title at the end.


It’s no secret that the Avengers have to deal with some crazy stuff over the years, and that often leads to them working with other heroes and increasing their team just in order to get the job done. Eventually, this caused Iron Man to reach out to the young Peter Parker and recruit him for his cause of bringing in Captain America.

This meme, however, proposes that a different story took place, and one that led to a much bigger conflict than some silly Sokovian Accords. Both Cap and Iron Man want Spider-Man, but they prefer different ones. Cap is a Tobey fan while Stark prefers Garfield. Meanwhile, Tom Holland is sitting in the distance wondering where he went wrong. Lines are drawn, and the real civil war begins.


This meme has been around for a while. More often than not, we have found ourselves in a situation where we like a girl and it seems extremely unlikely that we would ever get a shot at asking her out. This circumstance is further worsened by the fact that her current or ex boyfriend is way more attractive than you, her brothers are either strong or threatening, and her dad looks like he could destroy you with a single glance.

Than you pan over to the mirror and see how you are compared to everyone else. In this case, we get a shot of the different Spider-Men, Emma Stone, Deadpool, and then Tom Holland in his Spider-suit without all of the powerful special effects. How hard do you relate?


Hawkeye’s speech in Avengers: Age of Ultron was one of the best parts about the second Avengers film. After explaining that the MCU doesn’t really make sense to “normal” people like him, he tells Scarlet Witch that if she steps out, then she is an Avenger and is instructed to fight with the rest of the team.

However, the speech could be used in the case of Spider-Man. Especially when you consider how close Andrew Garfield was to being incorporated, this meme becomes all the more poignant. As we know, Tom Holland eventually won the part, and in this case, was the only one fast enough to get to the door. Garfield was right behind him with old Tobey Maguire lagging behind in the rear.


There is an ongoing discussion as to how similar the Spider-Man movies are to each other. While this is mostly true with Sam Raimi’s and Marc Webb’s films, there are some uncanny resemblances between Spider-Man 2 and the MCU’s first outing with the webhead, Spider-Man: Homecoming. The biggest one is pictured in this meme, where Tobey is trying to stop a train and Holland is trying to pull a boat together.

As is the case with memes, these two scenes are related to copying homework, which we all did, let’s mot lie about it. When doing so, you always have to try and change some things up so that the teachers will never know. Needless to say, if both Spider-Man scenes were on display, they’d probably pass them both.


When the Russo brothers first announced that Spider-Man would be in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, many people wondered who would be playing the wall-crawler. Some people thought it would be Andrew Garfield, and originally, that was the plan. However, Sony fired him, leaving it up to Marvel to try and cast someone else and, in our humble opinion, did a heck of a job finding him,

That being said, this meme holds a lot of relevance. Garfield came so close and then Tom Holland swooped in to take the spotlight. If we were Garfield, we’d definitely be crying like Gwen Stacy had just died. While we’re satisfied with the end result, we would’ve liked to see how both the MCU and the Spider-Man franchise would’ve changed had they kept Garfield around.

Which of these memes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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