Tom Taylor Teases A Major DC Death with #DCEASED Hashtag


After a day of dropping cryptic hints for an upcoming DC Comics project using the ominous hashtag #DCeased, writer Tom Taylor has revealed which major DC character will be meeting their untimely end in a final social media post.

As one final tease, Taylor revealed that the hinted death coming to the DC Universe would be Darkseid, the ruler of the New God world of Apokolips with the sentence "Darkseid was." The phrase is a past tense inversion of the villain's ongoing mantra "Darkseid is," created by writer Grant Morrison during his acclaimed JLA run in the 90s that posited the New God simply existed as the essence of evil itself, a personified force of nature. Since the phrase's introduction by Morrison, it has become ubiquitous with the iconic villain ever since, most recently appearing in Tom King and Mitch Gerads' Mister Miracle series last year.

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Taylor, who previously wrote X-Men Red and currently writes Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man for Marvel Comics, is no stranger to writing cataclysmic storylines for the DCU, adapting the popular fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us for comic books to bestselling success.

The writer had begun posting hints through his Twitter and Facebook accounts with the #DCeased hashtag, suggesting an epic final battle for the Justice League with quotes from the story including an ominous mention that Superman would break "the jaw of a God."

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With the reveal that the deceased character in question is Darkseid, it appears Superman has one final fight with the God of Evil himself. No additional details about the story, including art team, release date or final date have been revealed at this time.

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