Tom Taylor Debunks Accidental Black Canary/Green Arrow Series Rumor

Earlier this year, Green Arrow's latest series came to an end with its 50th issue. Luckily for fans of the Battling Bowman, DC Comics announced they had plans to give the character a new series. Since then, not much else has been revealed about the planned series, though writer Tom Taylor has debunked one rumor about pairing up Green Arrow with his iconic love interest and fellow Justice League veteran, Black Canary.

Taylor revealed there are no plans for the duo to share a title while responding to a tweet from a user named Black Canary, who claimed that a new Black Canary and Green Arrow title would release sometime next year. Taylor, the supposed writer of that series, responded by explaining that the series isn't real.

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Taylor then apologized to everyone whose hopes were raised, but added that the series might become a reality someday.

The last time Green Arrow and Black Canary shared a title was back in December 2007, when Green Arrow's title was renamed to Green Arrow/Black Canary for the remainder of its run. The series ended in April 2010.

At this point, nothing is known about DC's future plans regarding Green Arrow, though Black Canary has been announced to star in a new Birds of Prey series along with Harley Quinn and the Huntress.

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