Tom Strong returns in July with 'Planet of Peril'

Ahead of the release of the Vertigo solicitations, MTV Geek has official confirmation that the long-teased Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril will at last debut in July.

Initially discussed in early 2011, following the closing of DC Comics' Wildstorm imprint, the miniseries teams the character's co-creator Chris Sprouse with his Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom collaborator Peter Hogan for an adventure that sends the science hero on a quest for the one thing that can save the lives of his daughter Tesla and her unborn child.

Created by Sprouse and Alan Moore, Tom Strong was introduced in 1999 as part of the writer's America's Best Comics line. Born at the dawn of the 20th century, Tom was raised in a high-gravity tube by scientist parents, an upbringing which, combined with the ingestion of the mysterious Goloka Root, granted him longevity, super-strength and a genius intellect. Of course, this new miniseries finds Tom powerless, which raises the stakes a bit.

Sprouse shared some of his penciled art from the project on his blog last summer. Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril #1 arrives July 31.

It's the return of Tom Strong—too bad he's powerless! The lives of his daughter Tesla and her unborn child both hang in the balance, and there's nothing Tom can do to save them...until he remembers the one thing that just might. To find it, he and Val Var Garm must journey to the far side of the galaxy, and the mysterious world known as...TERRA OBSCURA!

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