Tom King Reveals the Personal Reason His Batman is a 'Love Story'

As Tom King prepares for the end of his Batman run, he divulged his personal reason for focusing on the love story between Batman and Catwoman.

On Twitter, King responded to a question about why he chose to make the title a love story, rather than the usual crime-fighting story arc. "Probably cause I’m in love with my wife and that’s my every day. This comes out in a lot of what I do," King wrote.

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King included a panel of Batman, who broods behind Catwoman. "We are the message," she says. The comment speaks to the re-evaluation and development of Batman and Catwoman's romance over the course of King's tenure.

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Since the Bat met the Cat in 1940's Batman #1, their on-again, off-again relationship has been a hallmark in DC's history. Both their personal lives and secret identities have interfered with their relationship on dozens of occasions. Indeed, it even prevented them from getting married in King's own arc.

King's run will end with Batman #85, which goes on sale Dec. 18. Catwoman and Batman's romance will continue in Batman/Catwoman, set for a January 2020 release.

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