Tom King Teases Unannounced Watchmen Project

Who's got the button?

Batman scribe Tom King is seemingly teasing an unannounced project -- and it has something to do with Watchmen.

In a post to Twitter, the DC Comics writer shared a photo of 11 of the 12 issues of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' original Watchmen comic book (issue #7 is conspicuously absent). Accompanying the image is a caption that reads, "Research for a thing."

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At this time, it is unclear exactly what King's latest foray into the Watchmen universe will be. However, there is a sizeable breadth of possibilities. It is most likely a comic book project, given King's history writing such titles as Batman, Mister Miracle and Heroes in Crisis. Furthermore, he also co-wrote the Watchmen-adjacent Batman/Flash crossover storyline "The Button." King is already gearing up to revisit "The Button" in Batman #84, which is slated for release in early December.

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Following the release of the original Watchmen graphic novel, DC Comics has revisited that world on numerous occasions -- such as through the Before Watchmen line of prequel limited series. Of course, there is also Doomsday Clock -- DC's de facto Watchmen sequel -- which slated to conclude with issue #12 this December, not long after Batman #84 hits shelves

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That being said, King has broadened his horizons as of late, teasing not only upcoming comics, but also upcoming television and movie projects. Following his work on the aforementioned Mister Miracle, King has already been tapped to co-write DC's upcoming New Gods film alongside director Ava DuVernay. So, Watchmen fans will simply have to wait and see what King's new tackling of Moore and Gibbons' lore will consist of, as well as through what medium it will be released.

Notably, there is also the new Watchmen television series on HBO, which recently aired its third episode. HBO's Watchmen -- a sequel/remix of the original comic book -- revisits the comic's universe in present-day. It is the second live-action adaptation of Moore and Gibbons' text, following director Zack Snyder's 2009 film.

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It should prove interesting to see what else the future holds for Watchmen and what role King plays in it.

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